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Deep Cleaning Service in Bethesda

Once or twice a year do you look around your Bethesda home and envision a clutter free space that is shiny and clean? Deep cleaning doesn't only occur in the spring, but anytime you start to feel yourself overwhelmed by the task of keeping your home feeling comfortable and tidy. JudyMaids has a fully tailored one time deep cleaning service to fit your budget and your needs.

How can I tell if I Need a Deep Cleaning?

So you may think that your home is pretty clean and not in need of any form of housekeeping beyond your usual routine. It is good to remember that there are two types of dirt: the seen and the unseen. Unseen dirt hides in plain sight by either being in hard to reach/hidden areas and as a thin layer that cannot be easily noticed. Try out these few strategies to test the true cleanliness of your Bethesda home.

Deep Cleaning

Living Room, Dining Room & Bedrooms:

  • - All carpeting vacuumed
  • - Stairs vacuumed
  • - Flat areas damp cloth dusted
  • - Tidy room appearance
  • - Dust furniture and knickknacks
  • - Make beds
  • - Remove cobwebs
  • - Baseboards wiped down with warm soapy water
  • - Windows wiped down
  • - Light fixtures wiped
  • - Ceiling fans dusted
  • - Blinds dusted.
  • - Clean entrance glass door
  • - General dusting


  • - Tile walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected
  • - Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected
  • - Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • - Sink and counters cleaned and disinfected
  • - Floors washed and disinfected
  • - Carpeting vacuumed
  • - Clean and disinfect toilet
  • - Shine and clean chrome fixtures
  • - Scrub clean outside cabinets & drawers
  • - Light fixtures dusted
  • - Windows wiped down
  • - Blinds dusted
  • - Cobwebs removed
  • - General dusting


  • - Clean small countertop appliances
  • - Clean refrigerator exterior
  • - Outside of range hood cleaned
  • - Top and front of range cleaned
  • - Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined
  • - Countertops cleaned and disinfected
  • - Clean outside cabinets faces and drawers
  • - Clean exterior of large appliances
  • - Wipe down outside and inside of microwave
  • - Clean table and chairs
  • - Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • - Baseboards wiped down with warm soapy water
  • - Windows wiped down
  • - Ceiling fans dusted
  • - Trash emptied
  • - Cobwebs removed
  • - General dusting

If you find that your Bethesda home is not as clean as you thought, then it is time to call upon the Deep cleaning services of JudyMaids. A onetime deep clean performed by our housekeeping team will make a world of difference.