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Cleaning Services We Provide

The General cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning:

- Clean small countertop appliances

- Clean refrigerator exterior

- Outside of range hood cleaned

- Top and front of range cleaned

- Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined

- Countertops cleaned and disinfected

- Damp wipe outside cabinet faces

- Clean exterior of large appliances

- Wipe down outside and inside of microwave

- Clean table and chairs

- Floors vacuumed and mopped

- Trash emptied

- wipe baseboards and doors

- Cobwebs removed

- General dusting

Living Room, Dinning Room & Bedrooms:

- All carpeting and floors vacuumed

- Stairs vacuumed

- Flat areas damp cloth dusted

- Tidy room appearance

- Make beds ( strip bed and leave out linens)

- Remove cobwebs

- Dust baseboards and window seals

- clean entrance glass door

- General dusting


- Clean and disinfect toilets, sinks,tubs and showers

- clean and disinfect countertops

- mirrors shined

- Floors washed and disinfected

- Carpeting vacuumed

- Shine and clean chrome fixtures

- Damp wipe down outside cabinet faces

- Dust baseboards and window seals

- Cobwebs removed

- General dusting

*washing dishes, washing windows, cleaning inside cabinet, inside oven, inside refrigerator, laundry folding piles of clothes are not included in the General Cleaning. These maybe included per client request to comprise a customized cleaning experience.

Custom Cleaning a la Carte menu:


Inside refrigerator ( defrost freezer ahead of time)

Inside oven 

Inside cabinets

Hand wet wipe baseboards

Interior windows

Polish hardwood floors

Laundry / folding clothes

Deep Cleaning 

In addition to what is on the General Cleaning, the following will be tasks will be performed through out the home:

Interior Windows

Hand wet wipe baseboards 

Hand wet wipe doors 

Hand wet wipe light switches

Move in/Move Cleaning

In addition to the General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning, the following tasks will be performed through out the house:

Hand wet wipe inside cabinets

Clean interior oven

Clean interior fridge